Transit DUO - Lack of WAN ports

Evening. We find that the Transit DUO is a bit lacking on WAN ports. Quiet often we need two WAN ports (usually one for VSAT and another for ADSL via a device connector)
We have found a solution that does work but requires manual settings to be changed each time you want to change WANs and we believe it would be easy enough incorporate our solution into the firmware.
What we have done is connected the WAN port to a ethernet switch which is connected to; WAN - Device connector (gets DHCP from a router on the other side of the wireless bridge), VSAT (static IP address), VSAT phone modem (doesn’t need to communicate with the Pepwave)
If we want to connect to the Device connector connection, we select DHCP in the connection settings of the ethernet WAN and the DUO gets an IP address from the ADSL router. If we want to connect to the VSAT, we manually enter the VSAT IP settings. This works for both connections even when both are connected and available and connected.
Would it be possible for Peplink to bring in a feature that allows multiple WANs to be configured on a single WAN port? We feel that this would make the Transit DUO a much more useful device.
For the situations we would require this, We would only need this feature for fail-over and not load balancing.
Please see attached a network diagram.
As always, Thank You

Looking at your diagram, you need 2 x Cellular, 2 x WAN and 1 x LAN scenario. Would you consider MAX HD2 as your option?

The HD2 doesn’t have Redundant SIM Slots which are used our customers who are regularly in different countries