Transit duo cat 12 peplink wifi on continuous scanning only for my hotspot.


iPhone hotspot connects fine on other devices but for some reason the peplink doesn’t want to connect to my iPhone hotspot wifi 2.4g. I’ve read other post tried the different fixes. Changed password on the iPhone, turned off AP etc… Any other suggestions please. I use my iPhone hotspot as bonded wifi wan for live streaming.

Thanks in advance!

i’ve had issues with other devices and connecting to iphone hot spot, some times fixed by full rebooting iphone. i think iphone hotspot is pretty buggy. make sure you have everything set properly on your end. when you go to show networks, do you see it?

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Try changing security wpa vs wpa2 level , or 2.4 vs 5ghz see if connects.

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That worked added it manually and changed the security. Thanks