Transit Duo and Mobility 42G antenna


I’m wanting to use the Mobility 42G antenna with a Transit Duo to give me 2x2 MIMO antennas.

2 questions:

  1. The Transit Duo has 4 cell connectors: a Main and Diversity/ Aux for each radio. The Mobility 4G has 4 LTE connectors labeled 1 - 4. I can’t find anything in the data sheet and I’m wondering what should I connect to what for best performance?
  2. I’ve also noticed in the data sheet that the gain is much better with a ground plane (see attached). Is there a recommended minimum size for a ground plane?


  1. Element isolation is good between all elements. I suggest just connecting them in numerical order.
  2. a 600mm x 600mm metal plate was used as a ground plane to generate the test results in the data sheet. In practise I see most guidance is for at least 1/4 wave radius ground plane so considering the importance of 600Mhz I would likely use at least a 250 x 250mm sheet of metal.

@MartinLangmaid Thank you very much for the guidance. I’ve connected them as you suggested and the performance is great compared to my previous MobileMark antenna. I’ll find a sheet of 10”x10” metal and see what a ground plane does for me.

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