Transit CAT18 - modem firmware check fails

On Transit CAT18 device support page, the firmware update check says “Please try again later”. Have tried several times…and later…still fails.

If I knew I was on the latest, it wouldnt be a concern. But since I have an active ticket open with support who is asking me to check that I am on the latest, I am stuck not knowing. Please advise.

Here is what I am on:
Manufacturer - Telit
Model - LM960
Firmware - 32.00.124
Hardware Revision - 1.0

@erickufrin, the modem firmware updater for CAT18 will be fully functional in the upcoming 8.1.0 device firmware release.

I confirm you are already on the latest and greatest firmware.



Perfect. Thanks for confirming both of those things. :+1:

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