Transit Cat 18 won't switch to Sim B

I have a brand new Max Transit Cat 18 utilizing two Sims; primary (A) is VZ, and secondary (B) is ATT. (Firmware 8.0.2s046 build 4437)

Whenever the health check fails on A, the router attempts to connect to B but is unsuccessful. It then just cycles back and forth between the two sims and never connects to either, requiring a reboot of the router to get connected again. I have everything set to Auto, using Both sims, with no preference. This happens at least every other day, sometimes several times in one day. Very frustrating.

I can manually switch to B and it connects with no problem at all. It just won’t fail over from A.



Get it to not work, then manually make it work, then grab a diagnostic report off the device and log a ticket for engineering for engineering to work it out.

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Thanks Martin, I’ll do that.

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