Transit CAT-18 and AP One AX

I have a Transit CAT-18 with it’s AP disabled
as I couldn’t get it to reliably serbe as an AP when using WiFi as WAN connection. Bought and connected an AP One AX as it’s AP controller. The AP One is set up in bridge mode no

The AP One goes offline quite frequently in what seems to be an issue relates to the Transit disconnecting it or something similar. The frequency of it is increasing rendering the entire system unreliable.

Restarting the AP doesn’t make a difference. Restarting the Transit router restores connectivity hence why I believe it is the Transit that causes it. Nothing in the event log beyond AP went offline message.

Both devices are running the latest firmware respectively. The router is also linlet’s to a fusionhub solo host but this never been an issue.

I even put a reboot policy in RC2 to nightly reboot all devices in case the4e is a
memory leak somewhere - Did not make any difference.

Would appreciate any guidance on what to do in order to get to a reliable state given the frequency this occurs in.

I would try point the AP to the transit for a more reliable connection…

On the Transit… Go to … AP (Top Menu) … Access Point (Left Menu) … Then click this remote management button for the AP…
ScreenHunter_01 May. 23 18.57

Then on the Access Point … Go to … System (Top Menu) … Controller (Left Menu)

Thanks @Legionetz - Ill give it a try and report back with findings.

Am I correct in assuming that incontrol2 won’t be able to report on it once I force management to the AP Controller?

IC2 / InControl will still report on it. At least mine does. I think of it as the APs sending all its data to the Transit, and since the transit still reports to InControl… all the data shows up in InControl.

Thanks @Legionetz - so far so good. 48 hours without the AP going offline. Hoping this remains like that. Appreciate your help.

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As luck would have it, the issue returned again today. I am getting tired of babysitting what is supposed to be a rather simple setup… Any ideas or insights on what the root cause is?

Is there just a simple Cat6 cable between the LAN port of the Max Transit and the Ethernet port of the AP One AX?

If all the equipment is new… might be quickest to pull diagnostic files from both and open a ticket. If there are Ethernet errors or something causing the disconnect … they would quickly see it in the diag.

Yes. A simple CAT-6 and both units are new. Will open a ticket. Thanks!

By the way - @Legionetz - do you know how much history does a diagnostic file include in it - that is what is the timeframe that I have to generate those after an event occurred?

P.S. Noticed from your profile that you are from Austin, so am I, we may end up finding out that we are neighbors :slight_smile: