Traffic Steering vs Bandwidth Overflow

I know how important it is to feel in control of your network. You could be having an important meeting in one room but someone else suddenly decided to start streaming a 4k movie across the hall, and now your connection’s dropped. It’s just not efficient. If only there was a way to make sure that other people’s activities won’t affect what you’re doing.

SpeedFusion’s Traffic Steering feature lets you do exactly that. You can pick and assign the priority of different types of incoming transmissions. Think YouTube is eating up too much bandwidth on your network? You can limit it so it doesn’t affect the connection speed of other users. You can also set up a dedicated channel for traffic that you want to prioritize, allowing it to remain accessible during high traffic periods of the day. It’s great for cases where you share your network with guests and customers, and you don’t want their usage to affect your day to day operations.

Now what if it’s the other way around? You’ve paid for good bandwidth but sometimes, you don’t need it at full capacity. You don’t exactly need a 5G high speed connection when you’re idle or just browsing the internet. With Bandwidth Overflow, in cases like this, the device will switch to use a lower bandwidth channel instead. This saves you bandwidth usage on the more expensive high speed connection, making your network usage more efficient and saving you money in the process. Perfect for people who use our SpeedFusion features on a daily basis, and want to make full use of their multi-SIM device.

We love high speed connections just as much as you and we try to consider efficient bandwidth usage in all settings. Whether it’s too much usage with Traffic Steering, or too much bandwidth with Bandwidth Overflow, we strive to help you make it work.

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