Traffic shaping by protocol



For the moment, traffic shaping is only based on source IP.
In the outbound policy, it would be nice to be able to define traffic shaping values for each rule.




We do support application level QoS. Maybe we are running an older firmware on your device? The latest firmware is 5.4.6.

Have a look under Network > QoS > Application on your box’s web admin page.


@Kurt, currently, the Bandwidth User Group applies to LAN subnet. Paul wants to do the QoS based on the IP or Protocol on WAN side.



Traffic Shaping the Reverse Direction will also be nice.




Like for download? But when the packet reaches Peplink, it has already traveled the difficult journey. From Peplink WAN interface to Peplink LAN interface is easy, the difficult part is from where it was when it started coming to Peplink WAN through the Internet.

Not sure if QoS for download would help much :confused:


Hello Kurt,

First, thanks for your comment.
I don’t fully agree with comment.
In fact, when the packet reaches the Peplink, it has already traveled across the line.
But for the end node delay in packet is considered like congestion (TCP traffic).
It means that the window size will not increase and throughput will remains low…

For your info, Fortinet firewall has such kind of capabilities (Traffic Shaping Reverse Direction) and it works like a charm…




Hi Paul, I agree. Riverbed devices have added that feature as well and it works great.


Thanks for your input guys. Let us take a closer look at this. Stay tuned.