Traffic between VLANs with Inter-VLAN routing NOT checked

From my Guest VLAN, which doesn’t have Inter-VLAN routing checked, I am able to access and control devices on my WeMo VLAN, which also doesn’t have Inter-VLAN routing checked.
On the Client List, I confirmed that the devices are on their respective VLANs, both from the SSID that they are on and their DHCP assigned IP addresses.
There are no firewall rules for the assigned IP addresses.
The router is a SURF Soho MK3 running 7.0.2 firmware (the latest).
Any ideas how the traffic is getting back and forth?

  1. May i know what is the IP network for Guest VLAN and Wemo VLAN ?

  2. Can you ping from Guest VLAN to WeMo VLAN or vice versa ?

  3. How you configure VLANs settings for the device ? Local Webadmin or Incontrol2 ?

  4. Ethernet LAN clients having the same issue ?

It turns out the Surf Soho VLAN isolation is fine. To troubleshoot, I put a laptop on the WeMo VLAN and tried to ping it from an iPhone the Guest VLAN but was unable to. (I confirmed that I could ping it when both devices are on the WeMo VLAN.) Next, I disconnected the iPhone from the router, but left WiFi turned on, and was still able to control the WeMo devices. It turns out the WeMo app was using the cellular connect to a WeMo server. Sorry.

Do you have more info for WeMo application ? Need to understand WeMo application traffic flow to move forward here .

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Nothing to move forward on, as the Surf Soho is working fine and I understand why I was seeing the indications. Thanks.

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