Traffic allowance based on different periods

In Italy and in Europe some GSM carriers are proposing subscription based on period different from the usual month.
They usually gives traffic allowance based or a daily or 4weeks periods, or they
Among those carriers there’s Vodafone that’s the biggest in Europe, not only for customers bu also for covearage and countries.
I think that having the chance in the allowance to change the period would be a good chance to have the Pepwave more versatile and focused on such kind of scenarios.
I would suggest in to give the chance to select the period with the following ones:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • 4weeks
  • monthly
  • one shot (basically no period)

Best regards.

This would be very usefull, here we have simcard’s with a 5GB daily limit so we would like to set a daily limit to each sim so it will change if the limit is reached. Now we have to keep looking at the usage and switch manually.

I have seen more request of this feature but still no implementation, is it on the roadmap?

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