I purchased 2 Balance 380 routers off Amazon. (2 different sellers)
I have now noticed that TotalCare is only for products purchased directly.
Contacting the sellers is futile. sell and forget. Am I forever stuck with no firmware upgrades as I will never be able to get TotalCare?

No worries. :slight_smile: A Peplink rep will contact you in your US daytime and follow up with you. Your legitimate purchases will be well protected.


HI Cook32263 -

We can also help you upgrade the warranty package on your 2 BPL-380s without issue. We hold local stock in Michigan and provide full technical support as well.

Thanks, Mike

Will that get me the firmware 5.X unlock key beside my registered device? Do new purchases come with one year of total care?

Hi Cook,

New purchases come with 1 year of standard warranty but you can add on TotalCare coverage to take advantage of it’s benefits. The 5.x unlock key would be available at our site ( after registering the serial number/creating an account for the most part.