Total Newbie Question....Inserting SIM Properly into PEPWAVE MAX BR1 LTE

Hello: I have tried the “Diagram” on the back of the unit. No Luck. I have tried numerous ways, still no luck. I know the SIM is active, just pulled it out of JetPack. Status light is green. Wifi Light is green. Web Admin says NO SIM DETECTED. What am I doing wrong here? Is there a trick? No diagram in manual. Feeling like an IQ of 50 right now…Please help.


Would you mind to snap a photo on how the SIM card being inserted? The chip should be facing if insert into Slot A, or it should be facing up if insert into Slot B.

If the SIM card is properly inserted and yet couldn’t be detected, then please proceed to open a support ticket here.


If you pulled the SIM from a Jetpack, what model? Many Jetpacks take a micro, but the BR1 is standard. You can see a photo here of how it should look.

Kevin: Thanks for the diagram, and I fully now understand why people purchase via your company. This is the picture that needs to be in the manual, however, How far to push it in? There seems to be no stop other than the length of the fingernail. There is additional space on either side of the SIM chip…AND, its possible to place the SIM chip SIDEWAYS with a perfect fit. After trying all of the above combinations, I can only assume this unit is DOA. The chip is a standard SIM. Cellular light does not illuminate. Web Admin shows no SIM chip detected. I guess I open a ticket and see where it takes me.

If you can fit it in sideways then it sounds like you have a Micro SIM (3FF) and not a Mini (2FF). In this case you would need an adapter like this one:

If you can confirm what Jetpack you pulled the SIM out of we can verify.

Thanks Tim. You are correct. The SIM size is unspecified, therefore, I was using my SIM card which is MICRO. Note to tech pubs manager: Please specify the exact type of SIM card, much like you have done with antenna connection : SMA