Torrent Traffic still happening even with blocking setup

Good day all :slight_smile:

Anyone have any ideas on how Torrent Traffic is still happening with BitTorrent blocking active in our Peplink Balance One Core?

See attached image

We just got a Comcast Letter of Death re: Game of Thrones and I want to take action on this asap!

Thanks for reporting this. We encounter the similar problem and we are fixing this. No ETA at the moment since this involved major revamp. You may need to take action to the clients who are using BitTorrent for the time being. You may observe them below.

Thank you.

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Any ETA on this feature update / solution? I have taken action like you stated but we have lots of dynamic traffic on our network so it’s impossible to maintain blocking everyday…

We have over 300 clients come and go each day, we have blocked alot of the seeding sites…

Thanks, Hal