Tools to test traffic flow

We need the ping and traceroute to have options for the source and destination interface.
The current tools just runs directly from a shell inside the router , most of the times the results is
is not what we expected and then we have to remote to a pc or run traceroute from a yealink web interface.
We need to say select from lan via cellular, or lan vlan15 via cellular, or maybe even lan1 to vlan15 (to test Inter-VLAN routing.
Need to simulate traffic in different places
Example Mockup:

Outbound Connection should also have a selection entry of evaluate, which would then force the destination to be evaluated based on the set of outbound rules, it addition to the ping or traceroute response it should also indicate which outbound rule ,firewall rule, static route, OSPF, or Inter-VLAN it matched on.
Source connection should also have a selection entry of internal, which would run the ping or traceroute just the way that it does today.

Also would like to have nslookup in the routers, this is available on the accesspoints , but not the routers.

I know this request wouldn’t yet cover testing TCP/UDP traffic, but enhancing the diagnostic tools sure would help.


We really need these tools can you please review with engineering?


these would be very useful. especially combines with a simple route map display to show the complete set of routes.



One should be able to execute ping -g [network appliance MTU value minus 50] -G 1600 -h 10 -D [destination] or just a ping -f -l 1492 from the router. Not speaking about pings with different source ip’s (VLAN’s …).

More efficient network tools highly needed. Thank you in advance.