Tmobile Plan not working?

Hi everyone,
I managed to get the 100gb Tmobile plan a few months back in a hotspot with the intention to move the sim over to my Pepwave Max Transit Duo Cat 12 when it arrived. I received my Pepwave yesterday and have not managed to get the sim to work. It is stuck on “Obtaining IP Address”. The only way I seem to get it to work is if I click “Data Roaming”. Although that gives me next to no coverage compared to when it is in the hotspot. I contacted Tmobile and they seem to have no idea what to do and tell me I need a different sim. I’ve seen posts on here saying that when they send a new sim it doesn’t work, so I thought it would be wise to get everyone’s advice.


In the FWIW category: I dropped by the local T-Mobile store yesterday, and the salespeople there claimed the $50/100GB plan was available only if I deployed it on one of their devices (and showing me internal documents to substantiate the assertion). Seemed like a decent deal (free device with a two-year commitment), but not very useful for a Peplink shop.

So, $50/50GB it was :frowning:




I was instructed by a IT friend to get the Pepwave and a Cellular Sim Card and NOT a data card. I have a Max Transit Mini. The T-Mobile person in store was very familiar with my setup and he agreed that I needed a cellular sim card. I simply added a phone line to my existing T-Mobile phone plan…works great! I have five phone lines and NO data cards.


I’ll take a look at this! Thank you!