Time Wrong on BR1

Hi Guys,

First time here so please forgive me if you’ve had this posted elsewhere, I did check.

We have several BR1’s (each connected to a Balance One) that have held the time and date fine, and now after every reboot they default to 1 January 2012. The internet works and we’ve upgraded all hardware to 8.0.0 (where applicable) but to no avail. I do know the BR1 doesn’t keep it’s own time, but uses NTP servers, so I’ve also tried changing time-zones and NTP servers with no change.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Many Thanks.

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If they are rebooted and off-line, i.e. not connected to the Internet, then they will display the 1st Jan 2012 date.
As soon as they get online then they reach out to the NTP servers and get a new time and date.

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