Time Synchronization Fail

Anyone getting this error?


This error is a result from the Time Server not syncing. If you go to System>Time: Time server. By default it is 0.peplink.pool.ntp.org. Are you receiving many of these “Time Synchronization Fail” messages? It is normal to see this message if the device has been restarted or firmware has been upgraded. If you are getting a inordinate amount I would trying using time.nist.gov for your Time Server to see if this resolves the issue.

It runs the error over and over again. The user expereinces a loss of outbound internet access. The unit shows itself as being online and only a reboot will fix the problem.

time.nist.gov has been working, but one of my time.nist.gov units gave me the same error the other day.

Since internet access affected, I believe Time Synchronization Fail may related to the problem of internet connectivity or DNS. Please open ticket for us to check further.

Update: I changed all of my units over to time.nist.gov and two of them experienced the same issue two days in a row. Am I missing something here?


Thank you for your update. Please help to update the ticket above then we will follow up from there.

I upgraded to 6.1.2 and am having the same issue. Am I the only person that is having this problem?

The only way I can keep my units online is by checking the event log every hour and then rebooting the unit if it goes into Time Synchronization Fail.


This is a known issue, and it has been fixed in our coming GA firmware 6.2.0.

Meanwhile, we are preparing a special firmware to fix this issue very soon. Will provide the download link once available. Please stay tuned.

Thanks and regards.

Anything I can do in the meantime?

We shall provide special build today.

Please download and upgrade to firmware below:-


Update: This is working!