Time Synchronization Fail - Ver 7.0.0 - problem still persists

Hi our devices continue to randomy display Time Sync failure, We are running 7.0.0 BR1 H/w version 2. I thought with ver 6.X this was fixed.
Are we missing something? Can someone share what does this mean? Could this be one of the reasons that our devices continue to go offline every once in a while.

Any thoughts?

This should be related to the device offline issue as reported by you in another forum thread and support ticket.

Let’s isolate the first reported problem before looking at this. We willl followup with you using support ticket.

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Sounds like a plan and whilst I hope the first problem should take care of this, but I noticed that some other customers too had this problem
That said, once we find a resolution for this we should come back here and post the solution for others to benefit of

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Any update on this? I have seen increasing amounts of this in the field.

Thank you for the help!

Please ensure you are using the default NTP server and having the stable WAN link. The problem reported by @saurabhKMT was related to a DNS bug which has been fixed.