Time sync errors -- Balance One Core

We have a Balance One Core with a curious issue. The sync attempt alternately fails and succeeds. The target is time.nist.gov, a Stratum 2 server which has been very reliable for other installations. This is certainly not a major issue but we’re curious as to why this occurs in the pattern that it does. A screen shot of the Event Log captured from the iOS Router Utility follows. Any thoughts?.

Look like the Balance One Core failed to reach the NTP server every 1 hour (roughly) after 10 Sept, 6am. May need to access to the Balance One Core to gather more info for further investigation.

Just curious whether the problem persists if you change the NTP server to 0.peplink.pool.ntp.org?

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We’ll try that. The server we’re using is one of the main ones run by the US Government and has been round to be reliable with other devices where we can’t use our own Stratum 2 server. My question was really more a matter of curiosity than anything else.

We’ll try the Peplink target and see what happens.

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