Time sensitive Questions from An email I received "Your InControl organization .... is due to expire in 14 days"

This is the email: “Your InControl organization “RC” is due to expire in 14 days. Please note that organizations containing no devices are deleted after 14 days. You can prevent your organization from expiring by adding a device to it. If you no longer need your organization, you may simply allow it to expire. Thanks, The Peplink Team…”

What I tried to do:
I tried to add the device (surf soho) to my organization but it would not accept the serial number (the number was correct).
I only have a personal system not a business. I would say I only have 1 device the surf soho. I might get extenders but I suspect that is not an additional device, nor is the modem I don’t think.

So maybe I have no need for an organization or do I? What exactly is a qualified device? What do I do if I should lose the organization and find it is needed? What devices need an organization and what does not?

I think I managed to add the device into the organization. Sorry to have bothered you.