Time of day based Bandwidth on WAN connections

Hello Peplink Engineering,
We have several customers on ISP/RSP services (such as the Australian NBN Satellite service) that restrict bandwidth speeds based on the time of day and if you have already used your monthly allowance or used X amount in a four week period (not the month, instead a rolling four week history).

Example of common service:

  • Day and Evening speed is 1 up & 12 down with 60Gig of allowance
  • Overnight (off peek) speed is 5 up & 25 down with 40Gig of allowance

Here are some URLs that showing plans and usage restrictions that are common across most ISP/RSP serving regional & remote Australia.

I acknowledge these existing forum posts on the topic too:

We have MediaFast Routers, MAX Transit Routers & Balance Routers amongst our varying customers that could all benefit from the ability at the WAN to manage this, we see the logical area to have these settings would be as part of the Bandwidth Allowance Monitor Settings.

Time of Day based bandwidth configured at the WAN connection will fit in nicely with the existing features available within the routers such as the settings within group bandwidth allowances for Managers Staff & Guests.

In the interim while Peplink Engineering consider and look into this, can Peplink help us with a way to do this using the existing abilities of the routers firmware (we are on 7.x minimum with these customers).
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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