This is Big. This is 7. Firmware 7 Now Available!

With Firmware 7, everything is better. MAX single cellular routers have a lot of added functionality. Dual-radio devices can now do simultaneous Wi-Fi WAN. The Port-Based VLAN feature is now available for more devices, and out-of-band management is possible for UART enabled devices.

  • Enhanced Functionality for Single Cellular Routers: The BR1, BR1 Slim, and MAX Transit are now equipped with SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing, Load Balancing, and High Availability! This makes them much more powerful contenders in the single-cellular market.

  • Simultaneous Wi-Fi WAN: For the Surf SOHO MK3 and the MAX Transit, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios can both operate as Wi-Fi WAN.

  • Extended Support for Port-Based VLAN: The Port-Based VLAN feature has been extended to a number of Balance models.

  • Out-of-Band Management Support: UART enabled devices can now be used to perform Out-of-Band Management, remotely accessing another device even if it loses connectivity.

  • Upgrade for Balance 305: Instead of connecting 2x PepVPN peers by default, the Balance 305 now connects 2x SpeedFusion peers! As always, the number of SpeedFusion peers can be increased to 20 with a license key.

Take a look at our release notes to see all the improvements we’ve made. Play around with it and let us know what you think.

Download Firmware 7


Dear Alan,

So with Firmware 7 Speedfusion bonding is already supported on the Balance 305 up to 2 peers? :slight_smile:
That’s great! No need to upgrade up to 20 peers with the license and makes it flexible.

Great work guys :wink:


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