"This firmware will expire on...": Say What?!?!

Maybe as a result of installing the 8.2.1 Beta firmware, but this MAX BR1 Pro 5G is displaying “This firmware will expire on Tue Aug 16 19:59:59 EDT 2022.”

Say what?!?!

What, exactly, does that mean?

All beta firmware has an expiry date because it should not be left on a device for production.
It means the firmware expires on that date and if you go to the webui after the only thing you can do is upgrade the firmware.


Thanks for the reply. That was what I’d guessed. At least it won’t just up and stop working :slight_smile:

Next question: How long does this stuff usually remain in Beta? I’m to install this stuff in <looking…> two weeks–in a fairly remote location.

I see there is a 8.2.1 RC available now (8.2.1-build 5018) is that the version you have installed?

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Thanks, Martin.

No. I have 8.2.1b01 currently installed. Nine days from Beta to Release Candidate. Pretty quick. Perhaps it’ll lose the “RC” before I cart this stuff up north.

How do you find these?

I keep an eye on the forum of course… :slight_smile: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum