Third sim card in a Duo

I have a new Transit Duo Cat 12 with a Verizon sim (not grandfathered) and an AT&T sim (FirstNet). Would there by any value in adding a third sim such as TMobile’s new Magenta MAX?

My priority is for working from my rv and having consistent service; not the fastest.

We have four primary mobile networks here in the UK. I’ll put two active SIMs in Slot A on a Duo (from two different networks), then two more in slot B that I can activate remotely if there is an issue with one of the primary networks or if there is no coverage.

In your use case a third SIM will help when one of the others is not available (or if you get throttled for going over your allowance), but typically the cost of more than one active SIM on contract in an RV scenario is often hard to justify when it isn’t used regularly.

So far, my problem has not been getting throttled it’s more about weak or very slow service. I might get a good signal, but speeds are so slow as to be unusable.

So having a third Operator SIM you can try in those instances might be of value to you then…