Thinking on buying Peplink 20

Hi, I have 80 users in my office and I want a cost effective solution to balance my 2 isp (1 is 4 Mbps, the other 10 Mbps) . I’m a little worried about the product sizing recommendation (1-25) users. I don’t want the router to be blocking or performing badly.

Any comments on this I would appreciate it.

The number of users is for sizing purposes - there is no software limitation at all.

I will look at 1) the number of Ethernet WAN links, 2) their total upstream and downstream throughput and 3) supported features, to pick the right model.

Thanks, I know there’s no sw limitation on the number of users, my concern was more about the difference in cpu/memory between models, and though the probable impact of that on the network performance.

True. And obviously you get more powerful hardware on a higher model.

You can check out some technical specs here. It mostly comes down to two numbers - maximum routing throughput and maximum concurrent sessions.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! That’s really useful!! That’s exactly the kind of information I was looking for! Again, thanks. :slight_smile: