The Power of SpeedFusion in the Palm of Your Hand!


Integrate SpeedFusion Functionality
SpeedFusion’s unbreakable reliability is now available in its simplest, most compact, and easy to integrate form with the new Peplink SpeedFusion Engine! The SFE is world’s smallest Wireless SD-WAN router, making it the ideal piece of connectivity hardware to integrate into robotics, payment terminals, ATMs, video cameras, and so much more!

Palm-Sized Powerhouse
This palm-sized powerhouse allows you to combine 2 cellular connections into a fast and unbreakable SpeedFusion connection, making spotty network coverage and stability a thing of the past! Plus, by implementing Peplink’s InControl 2 cloud-based management, you can configure entire groups of SpeedFusion Engines simultaneously, track the devices’ locations, remotely access their web admin pages, wherever you are!

If you’ve been looking for an easily integrated, compact solution to your connectivity needs, the new Peplink SpeedFusion Engine is your answer! If your application has enough space for your hand, it has enough space for positively unbreakable SpeedFusion connectivity!

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