The Definitive Color Guide


Here are all the colors we use:

Website Design


Pink Orange Lime Teal
#F94763 #FFB81C #B4D33C #1EBFCB
rgb(249,71,99) rgb(255,184,28) rgb(180,211,60) rgb(30,191,203)

Generally, we try to use the orange the most since that's our main color. When coloring diagrams, I try to keep the routers/clients/devices in monochrome and apply the 4 colors to the connections, because that's where we provide value. I normally use the pink/lime/teal to represent the WAN connections, and the orange in a thicker line to represent SpeedFusion Tunnels.

PPT / Presentation Design

Pink Orange Lime Teal Blue
#F94763 #FFB81C #B4D33C #1EBFCB #2196F3
rgb(249,71,99) rgb(255,184,28) rgb(180,211,60) rgb(30,191,203) rgb(33,150,243)

Same as website, except now there’s blue. The blue exists as a legacy of many past presentations, and can be occasionally used as a secondary color if there’s too much orange on one slide. The pink/orange/lime/teal can be completely removed if you want a more mature/corporate feel to the presentation.

Logo Design

Orange #FFB81C rgb(255,184,28) PANTONE 1235 C
Grey #ABABAB rgb(171,171,171) PANTONE 422 C
Peplink logo .ai source file

Orange #FFB81C rgb(255,184,28) PANTONE 1235 C
Pepwave logo .ai source file

Orange #FFB81C rgb(255,184,28) PANTONE 1235 C
Pepxim logo .ai source file

Pepxim normally uses black (#000000) and white (#FFFFFF), with orange reserved for grey or black backgrounds.