The cake is a lie... (B210)

I live on a farm. No wired internet available. I’m retired but my wife works from home. She is on MS Teams meetings ALL DAY LONG. I’ve been trying to improve our internet for her. There are always interruptions in the video calls. SF seemed like the way to go.

So… the spec sheet says SF (no encrypt) is 150Mbps. I was able to pick up a gen 4 Balance 210 and it’s all updated.

I spent the last week or so testing the hell out of this thing. I have setup 2 x 4G verizon, 2 x 5g verizon, 1 x TM 4G and 1 starlink. I also have a FH Solo in the cloud and a SFC account. And activated the wan3 port as well.
( $200 )

I tested almost every permutation of links and SF cloud setups and the box NEVER, EVER, goes beyond 80-90M. At this rate the CPU shows 95%+. I’ve tried every permutation of BONDED, Weighted, etc…

So, in summary: the spec sheet (aka: cake, for you portal fans) LIES…

There is no way this box is breaking 100M on Speedfusion.

Disabling encryption is not possible with SpeedFusion Cloud. (not that I am aware of)

When you setup your own SF Hub and configuration did you disable encryption? I believe that is on by default when configuring the SF profile via inControl. Verify that is turned off…

In reality, if you can achieve a sustained 80Mb bi-directional that will be more than sufficient for video conferencing. A typical HD Zoom call will only use 1/10th of that. Its not that your trying to cram 150Mb/sec through 80Mb/sec pipe, you just want to have taller peaks/burstyness.

Will the user experience for your wife really change much if throughput were 150Mb vs 80Mb? I am not dismissing the “issue” of datasheet accuracy… just trying to talk you off the ledge.

@Mensan ,

Please open a ticket to allow Peplink support team to check on this. Datasheet is always referring to the live testing lab results and seen you are not getting the expected/rated performance, it’s best that you can allow Peplink support team to further check the potential issue.