Thanks to support, specifically Keith. Though one point of concern

I just wanted to thank Keith for his help woth our support ticket regarding outbound rules for our balance 710! Everything is now working as expected. That said, my only concern with the support strategy is how once the issue was escalated to engineering, I basically now lost a few days due to the time differences. For example, I submitted the ticket end of the day on a Friday, got a response from engineering early monday morning that i first needed to enable remote assistance, than had to wait for the next day to get a follow up response. Fortunately this wasn’t a highly sensitive issue but being that the peformance of the balance basically determimes whether or not my users get internet access, email, etc, it is a little concerning to think what would happen if I had a serious issue. Just my 2 cents. Thanks!

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Hi Bstein,

Thanks for your feedback. Peplink works with its resellers, partners and distributors to create the best experience possible for its customers. In most cases, the first contact should be to your Point of Sale. Often times they can quickly help you configure or troubleshoot your issues for a speedy resolution. If at any time they do not have the resources to solve your problems they can open a ticket with Peplink. This way they are involved from the beginning to make sure your issues are resolved.


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