"Thanks for a fantastic product!"

A bit of sharing from James here who sent in his thanks directly to us. He wrote:

Here’s the current uptime for my Peplink Balance 20 that you might want to share. I hope to update it after I have over one year of continuous uptime with NO reboots!

I did considerable research before I bought the Peplink 20 to replace a TP-Link TL-R470+ which needed to be rebooted once or twice a week and had a less-than-graceful failover. I work from home using a VPN connection to a corporate HVD and VOIP phone, live in a somewhat remote location using a 10 Mbps cable modem with about 95% reliability, and because of that I also have a backup 2 to 5 Mbps fixed terrestrial wireless connection with 99.9% reliability. Using the Peplink Balance 20, failover to the secondary connection is so seamless we usually don’t notice the primary connection has gone down except for the speed difference, the VPN connection stays up and streaming movies continue without interruption! I route some of my routine traffic to the secondary connection to allow the faster connection to be available for high-bandwidth needs like streaming. I also like that I can prioritize my VOIP traffic, so voice quality never sufferers even during times of heavy internet usage.

Thanks for a fantastic product!
James Gideon
Odessa, Texas

Visit this page if you’d like to have a look at our customers’ records for the highest uptime or most WAN traffic passed per month!


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