TFTP Backup uploads 0 byte file

Hello, We have a couple of Balance 380 units and are trying to do tftp backup of the configs. The balance seems to just upload a 0 byte file. Both units are doing the same thing. Is there something that we are doing wrong? I know the units need to do a firmware upgrade, but want to get backups working before we try and upgrade and potentially blow away the config.

Units are running 7.1.2 Build 2574 and 8.0.0 Build 2636.

Why the need for TFTP? I would just login and dump the config file from the webui…

I have done that to backup for now. But in the long term, I want to be able to back up the config daily automated and not manual so that future upgrades are not dependent on manual backups.

Understood. Its worth noting that if your devices had active IC2 subscriptions you get automated historic config backups automatically included.

I just installed a TFTP server quickly to test against my Balance One running 8.1.1 b 5040 and it worked as expected. You’ll need to log a ticket I would think for engineering to have a look but upgrading firmware would be my next step if possible.

If you get this figured out please let us know the step by step setup. Auto config backup is something I’ve been hoping for a long time. I’m not an IC2 user, don’t see the advantage. Many competing devices will automatically back up to Google Drive. I’d like to see it done to a network drive.

I will do the upgrade on the one closest to me(40 minute drive) and hope for the best. My concern is that the one that is a 13 hour flight away does not have any issues with dropping its config. I really don’t want to take that office down for a couple days while I deal with getting approval to fly to another country during all this pandemic stuff. I have provided the local staff a copy of their config but nobody there is really technical.

Has there been anyone that has had issues with the configs being blown away on upgrade?

Hello Don,

Given that the unit should have the ability to do tftp upload of the config to a server, it is possible to have a script either in cron or in our case, in rancid, run to retrieve the config. Since the config is binary, can’t do SVN for it, but you can do regular backups of the config.

In our case, I just need the config to actually upload to the server manually via ssh so that i can get the script written and tested.