Text box/paste on selected screens, also comment field

On selected screens, such as a grouped network, static routes and other places where you may be adding/editing MANY ips etc, I request a toggle from individual fields to a text box where you can copy/paste.

On my old Juniper routers I would routinely grab a set of “blacklist IPs” from an anti-hacker site and paste them into a “block these idiots” rule.
It had a few hundred subnets in it, so listing one at a time is just not practical.

Also, adding a comment field (or # followed by comment in the text box view) is helpful since you end up going “Why am I blocking or allowing this particular IP?”

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To build on that: Another place where a text file is really needed is the “Local DNS Records.”
Since the format of these records is very simple (all being “name IP-address TTL”) (TTL being optional) there should be no parsing challenge.

And entering these individually is a real pain.



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I’d also like to see a selection of clients for which I want to assign a static IP. I’m tired of looking up the MAC addresses and typing them in. :slight_smile: