Tethering Soho Mk3 with Verizon Jetpack - Cooking batteries

I’m using USB-C to tether my Soho Mk3 to a Verizon/Novatel 7730L. I opened the back of the Jetpack tonight to perform a factory reset, and found the Jetpack battery was really fat and puffy. This battery was brand new when I installed the Soho Mk3 back in March (8 months ago), so it’s my theory that the always-on Soho is over-charging the Jetpack and damaging the battery.

Before I had the Soho, I kept the Jetpack on a timer so it would only charge for a few hours a day… does anyone have any thoughts about how I can stay tethered 24 hours/day, but NOT be charging the Jetpack for all that time?

Hello CMayo

I used to tether jetpacks to our Surf soho MK3 via the USB.
I would have to replace the battery about once a year.
That’s just the way it is. We now use a AT&T modem/router that has a battery backup, but it’s connected to the Surf soho MK3 via Ethernet cable.

I appreciate that, @Ballistic. Makes sense.