Tethering Soho Mk3 with Verizon Jetpack - Cooking batteries

I’m using USB-C to tether my Soho Mk3 to a Verizon/Novatel 7730L. I opened the back of the Jetpack tonight to perform a factory reset, and found the Jetpack battery was really fat and puffy. This battery was brand new when I installed the Soho Mk3 back in March (8 months ago), so it’s my theory that the always-on Soho is over-charging the Jetpack and damaging the battery.

Before I had the Soho, I kept the Jetpack on a timer so it would only charge for a few hours a day… does anyone have any thoughts about how I can stay tethered 24 hours/day, but NOT be charging the Jetpack for all that time?

Hello CMayo

I used to tether jetpacks to our Surf soho MK3 via the USB.
I would have to replace the battery about once a year.
That’s just the way it is. We now use a AT&T modem/router that has a battery backup, but it’s connected to the Surf soho MK3 via Ethernet cable.

I appreciate that, @Ballistic. Makes sense.

Can you just remove the battery? Tether with just the usb power? Or the device won’t power on at all without battery?

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Here’s my hacky hardware solution to that.

I haven’t used it on a Pepwave but I use it for both a Samsung tablet and a Moto G Power phone plugged into a Raspberry Pi. With that in the line the data still flows but the battery slowly discharges. I swap it in and out pretty much on alternate days.

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Hello and Good Day

I have tried three different jetpacks with no battery and they won’t work with out it.
In older jetpacks you could disassemble the battery and disconnect the cell and trick the jetpack to operate. There are videos showing how to do this.
I did try to do this hack and the jetpack would not work.

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I just tried a netgear 797s and it seems to work via usb tether on b20x without the battery…