Tether to Peplink router via Wifi rather than USB?

Is it possible to share a mobile phones internet connection to a Peplink router via the mobile phone’s Wifi hotspot rather than having to use a USB cable? This would be for connection bonding purposes.

I don’t want to have to leave my mobile beside the router, I’d rather my mobile shared it’s connection via its wifi hotspot so that I could walk around the house with it and use it for other purposes, while other household members used my mobile connection bonded, via the Peplink device, with the wired internet connection on our landline.

Yes. All you need a device that supports wifi-wan.

If your mobile is an iPhone it will be limited to 2ghz hotspot. Many Android devices support the ability to make the hotspot use 5ghz. That would be preferred however depending on the environment there might be no noticeable difference.

I streamed the NBA finals in my campervan at the beach over aggregated connections to minimize the chance of disruption and one of those was my phone’s hotspot.

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