Tether surf soho


What is the process to tether my surf soho to a Pantech 291.

                                            Thanks in advance:confused:


  1. Connect Pantech 291 to Surf Soho and enable tethering.

  2. USB WAN will appears on dashboard of Web Admin and connect to internet automatically.

Thanks for the help, I must be doing something wrong I hook up the Pantech and the Surf finds it USB wan appears on the dashboard but it wonā€™t pass internet???

Please open a support ticket here:

Well the support guys at Pepwave got my Surf hooked up to my MHS291 by USB BUT it runs very slow to slow to use it dropped from 10 15 megs down to 2megs down you would think it would be the other way makes me wonder about this Surf

Please follow up via the current support ticket that is open.

Hi Tim

How do I do that.


Hi Rich, if there is not a support ticket already open then you can create one using the link a few posts up.


Is the AP One being managed by InControl 1.0 or 2.0? What is the AP One current firmware version?

In InControl 1.0, you may need to unregister this unit from the ā€œManaged Devicesā€ section, where in InControl 2.0, you can uncheck the WiFi Management for the AP One, so the settings will not be pushed down to the AP One.