Testing / help with SRT and Pepwave speed fusion

Hi There,
We’re testing with SRT video stream together with Peplink bonding.
Have been testing with HD2 together with the speed fusion cloud. The problem with this is that, after rebooting the HD2, we have to find out the new IP adres from the provider and apply this to the receiving site to establish the SRT link.

If we want to make this work without every time reconfiguring the IP adres will the following be the right way:

SRT encoder - HD2 dual sim/provider LTE - Pepvpn - Balance 30 on ISP connection -SRT decoder
I’ve read about a company that did something like this, but dont know the in’s and outs.
Who can help?

Kind regards, J

Hi - welcome to the forum!

Its a great combination. I see SRT used a lot, but also NDI over Speedfusion Bonding too. The SRT approach is preferable.

This would work yes. The Balance 30 supports up to 120Mbps of unencrypted VPN (55Mbps when encrypted) which is the same as the HD2 so you’re good there - although if you wanted to add additional devices later you’d need to keep the Balance 30 VPN throughput in mind as a potential bottleneck.

The other thing to make sure you have right is the ISP connection you’d want high speed / quality low latency connectivity there - like a dedicated fiber link if possible.

Most of the time I see the Fusionhub virtual appliance being used for this kind of thing. You can host an appliance in Amazon web services or on dreamhost / Vultr yourself and you get a free license for that with every Peplink router so you’d only have to pay for hosting costs.

If you google “Fusionhub vultr” on here you’ll find some videos about how to do that and lots of posts.

Goof luck. And we’re all here to help when you need us. Where in the world are you?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your reply!
Tomorrow I will try to use it with the balance 30. Stream will be Max 6-10mbps.
The balance will be connected to our fiber isp with approx 100 Up and download.
Next to that I will try to make an aws virtual server. But I am more hardware minded😊
Virtual appliances are not my specialty.
But after it is working with the pepvpn between the 2 devices. I will test the virtual AWS Solution.

Kind regards,

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Hi Martin,

We have our system working this way so that we dont need the lte routers Publc IP.
Ordered and configured the pepwave max transition duo for our streaming solution.
To enhance the communication we’re looking for OMNI LTE antenna’s that outperform to original ones that come with the router.
Looking for some extra gain without loosing the omni pattern. (good design antenna’s can make a difference of night and day.

What could you suggest?