Test driving an "AP One AC Mini" with a consumer router


I am becoming very interested in replacing my hodge podge home wifi setup (using a consumer router supplied by ISP) with a Peplink SURF SOHO. I am thinking of also using a Pepwave AP One AC Mini.

Before I make the jump to the new router, I am wondering if (technically speaking) I can give the AP One AC mini a tryout using my current equipment? Is there anything about the AP One AC Mini that ties it to working only with Peplink routers?

My current AP/router is a 5268ac. I will run ethernet cabling from this router downstairs to the AP One AC Mini, and experiment with different locations. If this proof of concept seems to work I would then move forward with the purchase of the Peplink SURF SOHO and replace the 5268ac.

Is this plan feasible, or am i asking for trouble?



AP One Mimi will work fine with your current router. Get one and have a play.