Terminal Server consistent connection

Hi Guys,

Here is my scenario and would like your inputs on the same. I have setup PepLink Balance with Subdomain delegation and have setup rdc.example.com A record for ISP1 [] and ISP2 [] giving ISP1 a high priority.

This FQDN rdc.example.com is being used by users to take RDP of internal server which is natted with Now if users are connected with rdc.example.com [] and if that link goes down will it be automatically transferred to rdc.example.com [] or that connections will be broken and next time when user connects it will be routed to rdc.example.com []? Same with other protocols? Like SSH or ftp?

Hi Blason,

This is depending on the application behavior. If the application does not perform DNS query during the link failure, the connection will stick to ISP1, else the connection will go to ISP2.