Temporary Setup

I have a Pepwave Max Transit Pro that I use in my motorhome. I love it. I have internet via my cable company at home. They have had an outage that they don’t see getting fixed for at least 4 or 5 days. I want to bring my Pepwave into my house and hook it up to provide service to my system which is run by a UDM Pro. I had the Cable Modem in Bridge mode.

What is the easiest way to inject the networks from my pepwave into the UDM Pro? I could just use the wifi that it broadcasts but I would have to set all my smart devices to log into the network and any hardwired components wouldn’t be connected… I

Am I describing this properly?

Not knowing enough about your setup, can you take the WAN port from your UDM Pro and plug that into a LAN port on your Pepwave?

I have done that. But the UDM Pro just doesn’t acknowledge it.

I switch to the WiFi from the Max and it works fine. That is how I’m communicating with you right now. But if I switch to the WiFi from the UDM Pro, it just keeps saying no internet. I unplugged the cable from the back of my Cable Modem and plugged it directly into the LAN port on the Pepwave Max.

I apologize for not being much help here.
Does the UDM Pro have separate WAN and LAN ports?
You might not be getting a new IP on the UDM Pro when it’s plugged into the Max. Maybe try rebooting the UDM Pro after you’ve connected it to the LAN port on your Max?

Hello @Dennis_A_Tuttle ,
The WAN on the router in your house has likely been configured with either a Static IP, a VLAN, PPPoE authentication, or a combination of the three.

Do you have a way to log into your house router? If so, see if you can first back up the configuration (so you can restore it if anything goes wrong). The second is to change the house router’s WAN port to DHCP with no VLAN.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


This was sort of what I needed to do. I was thinking about it and I run the same “local networks” on both routers (10.xx.xx.0) so I am less confused when I’m on the road with the motorhome and want to get into settings and such. SO, I went into Pepwave and made a new Network (10.y.y.0) and put it on its own VLAN. I then went into UDM and changed a few settings to look for Static IP on specific VLAN and it found it!!!

Right now it is working… We will see how it goes.