Temperature reading over SSH on MAX-HD4

We have a MAX-HD4 and we can see a nice temperature reading in the web interface but we are not able to find any documentation on how to access this info over SSH. We can use a lot of “get”-commands but it won’t take “get temperature” or “get temp”. Someone know if this is possible and in that case what’s the command?

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There isn’t a get temp command on the CLI that I’m aware of its not in the guide either.

You can get this using SNMP though and the custom MIBs.

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Thanks for the answer, I couldn’t find anything in the SSH documentation either. It’s a shame that we can get a lot of info from the PEPLink router through SSH but not anything as simple as the temperature. Our application is build around gathering info over SSH from a lot of devices in the network where the router is just one. It would require quite a lot of effort to also implement a SNMP handler in our software, just to get the temperature. Anyone know how to post a feature request?

Have moved this to the feature requests section.

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Thanks a lot! For us it’s fine to either have it as a separate command or included in the ‘get status’ response.

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Request filed and Engineering team is considering the feasibility.

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