Telnet VOIP + Comcast with the Peplink Balance 20

We currently have a Telnet T1 line with phone system that is not enough to handle the internet use in our office. We are adding a Comcast 75 Mb line. We have purchased a Peplink Balance 20 Dual Wan box. My question: Is there a way to set up the Peplink so the phone system on the T1 line stays active all the time and still use the Comcast for the internet use load? My concern is that with the optimization option the phone will cut out when the T1 is not optimal.

  1. Need to keep the phone (TELNET) active 100% of the time
  2. Want to use the Comcast for internet use.

Please help

You can easily control this with outbound policy rules. It is explained in the user manual and here is a link to more information: