Tcp connection attempts to

I’m a newbie to the Peplink product line and have installed three routers (two 580s and one 380) in a lab environment, upgraded their firmware to latest and just started configuring them.

In my lab, I can monitor the outgoing traffic over what the Peplinks think of as their upstream links and all are sending traffic to tcp port 443. This seems wrong and my lab routers are blocking this traffic. The packets recur every 10 seconds.

I haven’t started investigating if this traffic is somehow originating elsewhere and being relayed through the Peplink routers, somehow, but before I started looking into that, I figured I should ask if this is a known phenomena and, if so, it’s the result of some configuration mistake I’ve made.

Is (Google’s main DNS address) what you’ve set for the Peplinks’ health checks?


Thanks. I’ll check the “health check” section when I get to my office.
I’m sure you’re right and that it’s still set at “default” and this is what’s happening.

I guess I was surprised to see the test to TCP port 443, where I guess I would have expected UDP port 53 for traffic to

In fact, I didn’t realize, until I just checked that will respond to https requests and allow you to perform dns lookups via a web interface. (Embarrassed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response.

Hi Bob. It’s good that you are taking a look at “behaviors.” :smiley: If that’s what it is you are seeing it’s just the routers’ normal behavior to check and ensure the WANS are up. If that’s not the case you find, send me a PM and we can “talk” about it further. There are probably some ways you can optimize that function in lieu of the defaults.

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