Take Back Control of Wi-Fi Networks with AirProbe!

As a Wi-Fi network administrator, worries can come from different sources:

  • You see a problem but do not have enough information to troubleshoot.
  • You are not aware of how their network is performing.
  • Wi-Fi dead spots don't appear on their radar until customers complain about it over the phone.
Peplink's AirProbe and Cloud Wi-Fi Diagnostic service is designed to relieve all those worries:
  • AirProbes can record the network landscape for future reference.
  • AirProbes can do 24/7 client testing on Wi-Fi networks.
  • If test results are poor, InControl will send notifications to admin.
[Learn all about this new service by going to the new AirProbe page!](https://www.peplink.com/products/airprobe/)

How do we get Airprobe on our Incontrol Appliance