Tags - I need a list

I need a way in InControl2 to show me all the Tags I have created. It would also be nice to see not just the tag, but also include description fields. I know we all created tags that seem to have a logical abbreviation to us, but my mind is a crazy place and not everyone sees acronyms and abbreviations like I do.

SO … can you create a page where we can display all our tags and include a description field for them?

That would be a wonderful addition.

Bryan Gifford

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Hi @BryanGifford,

This is partly available - you can download a complete list of all tags used within your “Organisation” on InControl. However, you can’t download the notes field.

From the Organisation page, select “Organisation Settings -> Device Management”

You will be presented with a table showing the devices within the Organisation. To the bottom left corner of the screen, there is an option to download the table as a csv file.

When you download the file, this shows the tags used. Note, this is a single “Tab” showing the tags used, separated by a comma. If you have more than 2 or 3 tags, viewing these using the csv file can be a little confusing. However, you can use a formula in excel to help. I’ve generated a separate file listing the serial number of the device and then every tag used by that serial number. Each tag is a separate column within Excel. As shown below:-


There are a couple of steps involved to generate the above:-

First - using a new column (I’ve used column R) using a formula to show the serial number and the tag fields as a single field:-

Note - Column B is the Serial Number field and Column I is the tag field. You can add other fields from the csv file as necessary.

Copy the results and paste a values only. Then delete all of the other columns - leaving just the column with the data you require. Now save the files as - choose “Other Formats” and then select Text (Tab delimited) :-


Close the file and then re-open it. When you open the tab delimited file, select delimited comma as the separator and then complete the 2nd step as shown below…

Follow the rest of the wizard and this should provide you with a spreadsheet showing a list of serial numbers and tags used for each device. One tag per column.

I hope this helps,


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I will play with that. What I am thinking, y’all need to create something simple in the interface that will display all the tags and descriptions, and then a way to show how they are applied. Tags are going to be everything, we will need to have a way to manage them, audit them, report on them, etc.

Thanks Steve!


Hello Bryan,

This feature is on the road map but we do not yet have an ETA.



Adding some support for this feature. Tags often get added with a setting tied to it and then the tag gets removed only to be used again later and a new device may get an unintended setting. It would be great to have a single spot within IC2 to see all the tags within the group/organization and and settings that are tied to the tag.
It would be a huge advantage to be able to see what settings are applied to what tags at a glance.