T1 on Balance 380

We have a Balance 380 connected to a Cisco 2800 router. The router has a serial T1 connection to it. The router can get to the internet fine, IP and DNS, however the Peplink cant get to the internet through the Cisco router.

We have a single route command on the on Cisco like this ip route s0/0/0.500 (which is the serial interface for the T1). Any suggestions on making this work with the Peplink?


Look like you have connection below:-

(LAN) B380 (WAN) —Segment A—> Cisco 2800 (T1) —> Internet

  1. May I know what are the IPs for B380’s WAN and Cisco router in segment A?

  2. B380 able to ping Cisco IP in segment A? You may ping via System > Ping.

  3. B380 able to ping to You may ping via System > Ping.

  4. B380 is running in NAT mode?

  1. B380 WAN /24, Cisco /24
  2. B380 can ping Cisco inside IP (Segment A)
  3. B380 cannot ping via this network segment
  4. B380 is running in NAT mode


Look like traffic was stop at Cisco router. s0/0/0.500 (Cisco T1) is using public IP? If yes, have you configure NAT on Cisco router?