T-Mobile with public IPv4s?


Does anyone know if T-Mobile assigns a public IPv4 with its Megenta Plus lines?
I was wondering if I could use some DDNS to remotely access my BR1 MK2 and some devices connected to it.

Thank you.

You could use a pepvpn tunnel, fusionhub, and do 1-1 nat from it.
I haven’t seen any tmobile plans with public ip’s.

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the quick feedback.
Do you know of any other wireless providers where you can get a public and accessible IP assigned (also dynamically would be fine)?
I only need approx 10-20GB per month so no need for crazy unlimited plans.


Verizon offers static IPs for a flat fee of $500 per account.
E.g., for a 10-line account you would get 10 IP addresses for the $500. [This is based on experience with plans that are no longer offered, but my understanding is that the $500 was not specific to those plans.] The offer is not advertised anywhere to my knowledge - we had to call Verizon tech. support and request it :slight_smile:.



We have a public ip’s available on all our verizon wireless accounts, several hundred accounts.
Ours is used for emergency backup internet for our phone service, pos , critical business systems.
It comes with a static ip, our price to customers is $30/ which includes one static and 1GB of data.
Additional data is $15/GB,billed in partial increments.
We pay per GB from verizon and don’t have any other plans.
It works well for us as generally we run low data per customer.
If the customer’s internet is out they would rather limit usage and pay for it then to send anyone home.
I don’t know how many accounts you would have to setup for verizon to give you static ip addresses, and the fee is $500 one time, plus data.
Another option is to host a vm in amazon or another cloud site, setup a solo fusion hub and do 1-1 nat.

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