T-Mobile US LTE Stick?

Does anyone have a LTE USB stick working with T-Mobile LTE in the US? The ZTE MF683 in the support list isn’t actually LTE. I’ve been trying to find an unlocked modem with the TMo LTE bands, but haven’t had much luck.

I’m using Alcatel W800 LTE USB stick purchased through the T-Mobile business department.

I should also say that the device I’m using wasn’t in the support list when I bought it, but it worked. I had planned to have the support team cook up support for the device, but it must be similar enough to another device for it to work.

Yes, the driver for it is similar to another one so it just works. We will be officially adding it to the supported list after some more internal testing.

Thanks for the tip. Got one and it is working great. Any idea how to disable NAT / enable IP Passthrough on it to expose the public IP to the Peplink? Web config options are pretty limited and hours of internet search were unfruitful.

If you plug it into your computer it should pop up with the admin interface after a few moments. I think the default was I think there is an admin/admin login and pass. Then you can fiddle with the menu options to find and disable NAT.

I’ve been in the admin interface, no go on a NAT option that I could find, but it could be because I bought an unlocked version off eBay.

Do you mind exporting your config, sanitizing it and posting? ( The config file itself appears to be mostly XML. I can figure out some of the options, but no luck with disabling NAT yet. Thanks for the help.

Next time I am on site I will see if I can do that for you.

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