T-mobile prepaid stuck on obtaing IP

T-mobile says sim is provisioned and account active. Max BR1 Mini LTE.
Signal is very strong

My suggestions:

  1. Ensure you are using the latest firmware. If unsure how to check or get it make some noise here – someone will help.
  2. Check and make certain “Network Mode” is set to “Auto” or T-Mobile" – as allowed by your firmware. If one does not work, try the other.
  3. Make certain all bands are available. Bad Selection: “Auto”
  4. Double-check the APN and see how that’s set. Try “Auto” and if that does not work try fast.t-mobile.com .
  5. You don’t say how old the device is but the next thing I’d do is double-check the firmware on the cel module within the router.

These parameters can be accessed from Dashboard → WAN Connection Status → Details.

Suggestion: Try steps 1-4 and let’s see what happens. If that does not work we can press this further.

Minor note: It is probable that since this is an LTE model it cannot use Band 41, the 2.5GHz turf where TMO has a ton of spectrum. However, TMO does not use this band at a given site without others that that your device can handle. This may effect performance but would not explain why you cannot connect at all.