T-Mobile Carrier Aggregation


I understood from our distributor that T-Mobile Carrier Aggregation does not (yet?) work in the LTE-Advanced models.
The problem is the frequencies/bands that T-Mobile uses?

Is this something that can be fixed in a firmware update, or will this mean a new LTE-Advanced module will be needed (which probably means a new hardware revision will be needed)?
One of our customers is very interested in a LTE-Advanced MAX HD2’s and MAX HD4’s for SpeedFusion, but they only use T-Mobile.

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This is possible. For example, the Carrier Aggregation could be:-

  • 2 + 2
  • 2 + 12
  • 4 + 4
  • 4 + 12
  • 12 + 2
  • 12 + 4

Hope ths help.

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What does this mean? 2+2, Is there a manual/reference somewhere. Thank-you.

The given list by @TK_Liew refer to the available LTE band for T-Mobile. It’s referring to Primary Band + Secondary Band ( Example: 2 + 2 for Carrier Aggregation ). Hope this explain your concern.

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Got it. Thanks! I understand now.