T-Mobile 5G issues on Transit 5G

I have a MaxTransit 5G with both AT&T and T-Mobile 5G sims and I’m having 2 issues that I’m hoping someone has answers for, both related T-Mobile.

First, when using T-Mobile sim, the service will randomly disconnect. It happens in different locations, different times of day, etc. This does not happen on AT&T. I talked to the dealer I purchased the Max Transit from, and he said he’s seen similar issues.

Second, I have Amazon Blink wireless cameras, connected to the Max Transit. They work fine on AT&T, but not on T-mobile - they simply won’t connect. Amazon support was no help.

what t-mobile plan? have you tried the t-mobile sim in a different hotspot type of device? have you raised a ticket with t-mobile?

I have heard some issues with t-mobile. Someone said their jet which uses a t-mobile in a GoGo device on the ground has had issues with t-mobile for months.

AT&T actually had a major issue for a year or so. Tons of us raised tickets with them, had to file FCC complaints, etc. Finally they acknowledged the issue and fixed it but it took a very long time. It involved disconnects from the data network periodically throughout the day.

Have you checked Howard Forums or T-mobiles forums to see if there is any discussion on the issue you are facing?